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Fethiye/Göcek/Fethiye Tour

Fethiye/Göcek/Fethiye Tour

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7 nights & 8 days Blue Cruise

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More details butonu konulsun; tıklanınca, AŞAĞIDAKİ itinerary açılsın :

Day 1: After meeting at our main office in Fethiye and sorted out formalities it is time to get on the yacht.First day spent with introduction to stuff and other passengers, dinner and accommodation on board. (1st night)

Day 2: After breakfast, boat departs with permission of Harbor master. First destination is Butterfly Valley for a swimming brake, for lunch, and for dinner next stop is St. Nicolas island. (2nd night)

Day 3: With an early start after breakfast, ancorage at Merdivenli cave bay or Cleopatra Bath Bay after swimming break and lunch , 5 o'clock tea at Bedri Rahmi bay and accommodation. (3rd night)..

Day 4: After breakfast, the next route is to Yassica Island, after lunch on Yassica island we have dinner on Göcek island and sleep. (4th night).

Day 5: After breakfast we enter Göcek Harbor. If entrance is full we anchor on distance. Some of passengers get off and new passengers get on, Depending on arrival of new passengers. Stay their first night in Harbor or Zeytinli Island island (5th night  )..

Day 6: depart to Butterfly Valley for swimming break after breakfast. Lunch and swimming break on Mersinli bay or Soğuksu . Dinner and accommodation on St . Nicolas island (6th night)..

Day 7: After breakfast we are going to Tarzan Bay for swimming break and lunch. After lunch about 14:00 we enter Fethiye Harbor.accommodation in Fethiye Harbor (7th night).

Day 8: After breakfast we come back to Tarzan Bay for swimming . Around 10am back to enter Fethiye harbour and check out



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